2013-01-06 15:27:00
Hereby on behalf of Russian thunder Corporation I announce that we are leaving tripple a. We're one of the oldest and core corporation in alliance. So it was a very tough decision for us. But the situation in alliance leaves no other option.

Current state of -A- is being a slowly rotting substance with low activity and main reason for it is a leadership vacuum. There is no one who could take control over alliance affairs. Herc and Maka have done a lot for -A- in the past two years, but now they're gone. And we don't see anyone who could step up in foreseeable future, even MVN is leaving us soon.

RTSQ is not going to join any of FOTM allaince like PL, TEST, RED, whatever. We're going to become a part of a new russian speaking alliance in the depths of Stain. Our goals will be the same: Kill test and their pets.

To be honest I'd like save the ticker and freeze it for now.

Taking all the aforesaid into consideration I'd like to say those 6 years in AAA have been a blast. I will miss our english speaking part, especially you MVN <3.

Good luck guys

PS: We will be leaving in one week, if someone doesn't emokick us :D
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